flexyframe® Testimonials

Great protection from small bumps: I repainted my car after a hit and run and wanted to find a simple solution to offer some protection for the new paint. This certainly wouldn't stop any big scratches/dings, but it's helped protect the front of my car from small ones caused by neighborly bumper cars (ahem, parking). It's slim, but has provided enough cushion to keep people from damaging the paint by backing into the car (I've watched a couple people hit the frame). It's also easy to install. Now I just wish there were a good product to cover the rear bumper without being hideous.



C 9/3/2014

Looks good Too: This really works, already had it save my bumper from a "park by feel" driver who was not even aware that she backed up into my car. No damage.



Joe G. 9/1/2014 - Westbury, NY

Smart product. Thick 'soft' frame acts as a 'bumper'



Akimasa Roy Sawamura 8/30/2014

Great quality. Soft rubber which flexes easily. Fully encapsulates the license plate and eliminates risk of plate scratching against the car. I used mine as a rear license plate holder with no problems.



RTMIII "RTMIII" 8/23/2014 - USA

I love it.



Mike Meshkin 8/22/2014

Seems to help prevent damage just fine: Not as ugly as the thicker version and does not hide or cover the license plate which remains fully visible. Seems to help prevent damage just fine.



Neko 8/21/2014

Liked the concept but did not have holes in my car to attach



Patricia Rickey 8/17/2014




ketevan 8/11/2014

It Works: I'm not crazy about the looks of it installed; but it solved the problem. Going through the carwash no longer bends the license plate to kingdom come :). Install took a little time. the bolts would not reach deep enough. I had to go to the hardware store and purchase some longer ones - after that, it went on fine.



J. Blankenship 7/28/2014 - Texas

Item delivered on time, was as described



Lilian de la Torre 7/27/2014

Always wanted a front holder for our State Park Plates. Here in FL front plate is not required so cars sold don't have one. While peel and stick sounds good you should also use license plate fastener because plates are straight and bumpers are rounded/curved to secure flexyframe.



Shirley Secord 7/26/2014




Jack Wolock 7/18/2014

Easy to install. Satisfied customer.



Dennis Ostrander 7/15/2014

As described A++: Works well and conforms to the shape of the bumper by slightly bending the license plate.



Mike "YorkMainer" 7/3/2014 - York, ME

Saw these at the NY Auto Show. Despite being overpriced, I like them. Put one on each of my vehicles not for bumper protection but just to avoid the periodic replacement of license plate frames that get bent or broken over time.



dick 6/30/2014 - pleasantville, ny United States

Does the job, but bulkier than I need / would have liked. This frame is as described, and does the job for me adequately enough. I wish they made a thin version (i.e., even lighter than the LD (light duty) version. All I wanted was a flexible blame frame that would conform to the v-shaped (aftermarket) front plate bracket on my Camaro. I don't really need the bulky protection of a frame this thick.



William J. Austin "Jon Austin" 6/28/2014 - Driftwood, Texas

Excellent, easy-to instal: Very happy with the frame - I think that it will protect my bumper by giving an "early warning" to other's bumpers. The only reason I didn't give five stars is that the screw covers aren't large enough and therefore don't lay flat over the screw heads - a relatively unimportant issue, but not perfect!



David G 6/23/2014 - NYC

These should be standard from the factory IMO: Great protection from such a simple idea. The insurance companies should hassle the car makers in to installing these from the factory IMO. I will be installing this kind of frame on all my cars from now on.



R. Huntington 6/22/2014 - Oregon, USA

Fits great! Molds around the bumper: It molds around the bumper like its part of the bumper plus it's a buffer incase you bump into something instead of your bumper hitting it!



Elton kleist 6/21/2014

Nice low profile but bottom plugs are hard to fit in: Frame is nice and low profile, doesn't stick out too much and just by looking you couldn't tell it was a rubber frame. My only beef with it is that the bottom plugs for fitting inside the license plate are either too large or not long enough to fit through the frame and license plate. Either way my plate is still secured by screws on top, but I plan on trimming down the rubber plugs to see if that helps.



Ron S. 6/4/2014

Such a neat device: We actually have three of these. Two HD versions and this one. Such a good idea, wish we had thought this up. I put this light duty version on my poor old Porsche and it looks great and just this morning saved me from a potential catastrophe. It's a bargain considering what it does and how well it works. We will never own a car without one of these installed.



M. Sorkin 5/17/2014 - NYC, NY

Clean-looking and simple: Black, rubber, rectangular-ish looking frame might look boring but it does what it does. Preventing your front bumper from getting scratched or dented. This, LD, is the less-heavy light duty. If you want heavy-duty one, go for HD, it costs much more. For $20, it doesn't hurt to at least try to make sure your front bumper would be protected. Though not guaranteed 100% protection proof, but you can relax a bit better when you know Flexyframe has your back.



Mental 5/15/2014 - NYC, NY

Great for living in the city: I park outside in Chicago and this makes perfect sense. Its not going to completely prevent idiots that can't park without dinging bumpers, but this should definitely help the amount of wear and tear from parking outside on the street. It was super easy to install. Overall this is a great product and worth the money. I would buy this again



toad 5/13/2014 - NYC, NY

liked it: it was nice deal and liked it. good buy and will surely make another transactions. product matched the description the way it was mentioned in the site.



babsamin 5/6/2014 - NYC, NY

Great Simple bumper protector: Living in a big city, anything that can help with bumper scrapes and front-end mishaps is a plus. The FlexyFrame LD perfectly fits the description. I have already seen it protect my car with in a few parking instances. It is also a nice size, not too bulky and still quite functional. Although because of its smaller size it won't protect you from certain angles when you may hit/scrape your bumper, its good enough for my use. Highly recommended.



AJ 5/1/2014 - NYC, NY

Great for those times the car wash bends up your license plate and frame!: After having our local car wash "modify and bend up" our front SUV license plate on just about every visit, we decided to give this flexible frame a try. Does the trick...car wash no longer snags the plate or frame with its brushes. Item is a little clumsy to install at first, compared to a regular metal or cast metal frame; and we used two extra black nylon nuts, bolts, and washers to secure our license plate into the lower "pocket" within the flexy frame. Had this in place through the rain, hot weather, sprinklers, etc., and it cleans up nicely and has not discolored. Possibly a good way to protect the painted bumper of the car too...at least at very low 0-3 mph bumps when cars back into you at the curb.



Weatherbug 5/1/2014 - S. CA

I am very happy with this license plate frame. Delivery was right on time and with no hassles whatsoever. It does seem to be a little heavy, so I think I will add another screw about halfway down on each side just to pull it together a little more fully.



TMDenett 4/27/2014 - Rapid City, SD

With a few changes this could be 5 star: I am happy with how this fits my 95 blazer. It has rounded front end and the factory plate holder sticks out and I catch my shorts on it in the garage. This makes that not happen any more. I did not get any screws but it sounds like they do not come with it, would have been better if it came with the screws so thats why only 4 stars. I did not like having to make a extra trip to the store for four screws.



Eunice Santos "Eunice Santos" 4/23/2014

Great frame for front of the car, fits nicely and protects the plate and the car bumper of our new car.



Vipin Kumar "CVIPGO" 4/23/2014 - OC, CA

flexy frame bumper guard: I just got it and it was shipped and delieverd as promised. It should come with extra and longer screws. I had my dealer put it on and remove my old plate guard. It lloks fine, fits well and does not advertise the manufacturer, which I found offensive on some of the other related bumper guard/license plate covers.



Jeffrey W Allister 4/18/2014

Good price for car protection in the city, where everyone seems to use your bumper as their parking sensor. Durable, looks nice and fine quality. One improvement is to make the unit interlock together a bit tighter. On big bumpers you can see from the outside the frame moves a bit.



Ieatalot 4/14/2014

hope not to test it too often: i haven't tested it, at least as far as i know (another driver may have tested it for me without my knowledge while parking near my car), but it is what i expected, and it went on easily without any extra parts and with a simple hex wrench--so far, so good, i guess. it's not super thick, and doesn't provide as much protection as the big plastic strips you can put on, but this is less obtrusive, and should work fine for little car-taps on cars where the license plate sticks out beyond anything else. it didn't break the bank, so i'd say it was worth it, but know that the cushioning is less than an inch, so this is inconspicuous, but not like bowling bumpers.



M 4/5/2014 - California

Fitted a 2006 Saturn Ion: I really like the material. Like others, I think it should come with some screws/nuts though. Also I think it should be priced at $15. I bought it for $20, but it's worth it."



Lee Bryant 3/24/2014- Houston

Sturdy: My license plate was breaking from car washes so needed something to protect it. Flexyframe was the answer. And no chesty decorations. Just muscle.



Kate 3/24/2014

Bumper flex frame,Did exactly what it said. And a very good price. I'm. Pleased. With the product and it will prevent front dings



Dianne Decker 3/8/2014

Great product: Wanted a nice blank black front license plate frame and came across this. Checked the measurements online and the HD one looked like it was too much, glad I bought this LD one because it's big enough already. What a smart product, glad I tried it. This would truly protect your car and the vehicle in front of you in a low-impact collision (think like a tiny bump). Especially since it covers the screws. It looks good and frames around the plate well. I just wanted it because it looked better than any black plastic frame out there.



DJ 2/27/2014

Get it,Good protection without spoiling the look of your car if you have to have a front license plate anyway. Easy to install.



Dr. Who 2/19/2014

Easy to install: This was pretty easy to install on Illinois plates. I used it for my front plate, and works fine with a Yaris. You need to be a little careful with the plugs that hold the bottom of the plate, working them in from the edge rather than just shoving them through. I like how it is one piece, so you don't have to deal with brackets, frames, screw covers etc etc and how there is also a flap that goes behind the plate so the plate doesn't come into direct contact with your car. It is like one of those silicone cases for you smartphone, but heavier duty and made for a license plate. The only trouble was finding the right screws since I did not have holes in my front bumper when I installed it, but that wasn't the fault of this product.



C. Fritz 2/18/2014 - Chicago, IL

Great Product!: I hate the fact that I live in a state that requires a front license plate. I've had people back into my bumper while parking and crack it. This nifty plate holder fixes that problem for good and actually looks fairly nice!



RichB "Richard" 12/21/2013 - Portland, OR

Works as Advertised: The Flexyframe front and rear license plate and bumper guards worked exactly as advertised. They are high quality products, and were easy to install. My only suggestion is to provide screws, though I recognize that the length of the needed screws may vary by make of automobile."



david w livingston 12/16/2013

works great: protective and discourages theft of my license plate. I like that it is flexible and wraps around my slightly bent plate.



Chris 12/12/2013

Great protection: It's so hard to judge where the bumper is on our new pickup with that long hood. This is just added protection so we don't bump the front bumper. Formed nicely with the curve of the bumper.



Djoy 12/5/2013

Fits perfect on Honda Odyssey and Toyota Corolla: Fits perfectly on my 2007 Honda Odyssey plate using 4 screws. I wish I have learned about this sooner. My wife rear ended a brand new car at a stop light at around 1mph or less. My car have no damage however, the screw from my car have scratched the paint on the other car. The dealer estimated the cost to be over $900.00 to fix. I don't now how a scratch will cost $900.00. Maybe the dealer will replace the whole bumper. Anyway, searched around on how to avoid this type of headache again and this seem to be the solution. I got the LD version which is supposed to be the light duty but the material is heavy and looks like it will be more than enough to absorb the impact of a minor fender bender. I will buy another one for my other car."



Chris 12/1/2013 - San Diego

Flexyframe LD - Front Bumper Guard - Good Product!: Front Bumper Guard - Flexyframe Ld is a great product. If you buy this product, you no longer need to worry you will scratch"



Robert C. Liang 12/1/2013

Great protection for the front bumper: I feel safe that my front bumper is protected from cars parallel parking in the city. No more dings or scratches on the front bumper."



liang lin 11/16/2013

great product will buy again: works as promised but only on top of original plate mounting. will buy more for other cars, just remember it needs original back plate.



philnext 11/15/2013

the best frame money can buy for a good price and is very strong,a good product that is strong and great for the price I would buy other ones if i had more cars



Marvin Banks 11/12/2013

Its Great: I just had a near Rear Ender Tho I Put on Brakes I hit Car in Front. NO DAMAGE to My Car & Car in Front :) Great Product I Recommend to My Friends



Sal belleci "Windos53" 11/3/2013

Flexiframe works for me!: This license plate frame fits the contours of my front bumper cover beautifully. It is rugged enough to absorb minor parking nudges without looking like a piece of military hardware.



R. Randall 9/21/2013

Good Protection: Should offer a more protection from bumps especially when parking in the city. Easy to put on my new car



Chris Benson 9/20/2013

Flexyframe LD: Quality of the frame is better than expected. Even thought this is the Light Duty version it definitively feels like it will perform well. Plenty of rubber ""impact"" area, we will see how it will stand the test of Chicago parking.



Andrzej Stawarz 8/15/2013

Great Product: Looks great! Fits great! Very easy installation and fit. It looks great on my new civic. I would recommend to my friends. All around great buy!



Bobby 8/14/2013

Exactly what I needed: A few days ago I accidentally lightly tapped the car in front of me going 1 mph while waiting to merge onto a road. My car was perfectly fine but unfortunately the screws on my plates left 2 small scratches on her bumper. Still waiting to see what this is going to cost (probably around $500 :( ) hoping this never happens again but just to be cautious, I decided to purchase this and it's perfect. It completely covers the screws and edges of the license plate which is what scratches other cars. Definitely recommend everyone should have this. (Just FYI if it is of any help to anyone, I have this frame on top of a license plate bracket that came with my Mazda 3 which I love the look of)."



jessica menjivar 7/31/2013

Works well: It's a good heavy duty rubber frame that works well at protecting your front bumper at very low speeds... granted it only works if the person hits you directly on rather then on the sides but offers good protection none the less and is not as obtrusive as the other guards. Worth it to protect your car.



Robert Jon Sutton 7/24/2013

Easy Mounting: This handy little frame is made of rubber and very flexible. It as easy to attach to our front bumper, which is very curved. I think I might buy one for the back...it's so nice."



M. Meyer 7/22/2013 - Georgetown, TX

Just what I needed: I bought this for my 2014 Impala which did not come with a front plat bracket. It is just what I needed.



Rosalia Murray 7/22/2013

Excellent Design: Used on my 2009 Prius. It did not align with the factory dimples on the front fender, but then nor does a NY license plate. I hate DIY, but thought I'd have a go. I simply aligned the device with the fender so that I could affix it using 4 self-tapping screws (not provided, but for the Prius use M5 x 20mm self tapping screws) pre-drilled some small pilot holes and affixed the unit with the license plate inside. The whole exercise took no more than 5 minutes start to finish, which is excellent. I'm not sure how this will perform on NYC streets, but this certainly looks up to the job, and anything is better than nothing to try and stop some of the damage from people 'nudge-parking.'



Andy S 7/4/2013 - New York, NY

Very quick and easy to install: Nice to have an unobtrusive rubber ""bumper"" on the front of my car! Should definitely help avoid any damage and scratches to my car due to careless drivers reversing into a parking spot in front of mine."



VG 6/7/2013

Perfect: For some reason my used vehicle did not come with a plate frame on the front. This was perfect! Love it that it is flexible and it was a good price point!



groovygirl 6/7/2013

Awesome product: Arrived really fast and it's a great product. Like the reviewer below I have a licence plate with 4 screws which is no problem. You can drive the screw through the rubber and it mounts flush with the license plate bracket.



S Hallam 5/30/2013

It adds to small impact protection: Fit perfect though it didn't flex around but sits like a regular plate frame. I live in NY so god knows I needed this considering people these days get their license at a rodeo.



Unit543 5/29/2013

a must for city drivers: This product provides your front bumper a softer point of contact. Contact with what? In my experience, bad parkers who would otherwise just back into your vehicle. It could also protect a bit if the driver in front of you stops or slows down extremely suddenly, and you cannot follow suit. Obviously, it isn't intended to protect your vehicle from hard impacts. It's really there for those sub-10 mph bumps that can happen in tight quarters."



Stephen Mahanes 5/20/2013 - Hyattsville, MD

Best replacement to deaden your license plate rattle: I would not do any sound deadening without adding this product. I have used it on multiple customers vehicles and all 4 of my own. Im sure it has some protective properties as well but forget any license plate rattle kit and use this instead.



Aeolisio 5/19/2013

Does its job, looks nice: The flexy frame looks sleek and it's nice knowing you have that little bit of extra protection from people who suck at parking. I bought one after someone backed into my new car and bent the license plate and it's holder.



Lauren 4/13/2013

Pricey but worth it: Years ago I very gently tapped the driver in front of me at a stoplight going about 1 mph, and the exposed screws on my license plate lightly scratched the bumper of the person in front of me. It cost me $500 to pay for their bumper to be re-painted. After that I installed caps on my screws, but since then I've been looking for a more robust product like this, and finally found it. This frame looks good, is very well built, and will hopefully save me from damaging other cars or mine.



Amazon Addict 4/7/2013

Looks great! Looks like good protection too!: I bought this after corresponding with another buyer who bought the heavy duty one. He said that if he could do it over, he would buy the Flexyframe LD. He was kind enough to send me a picture of the frame he bought on his wife's car which happens to be the same as mine. This convinced me to go with the LD. It fits on the license plate holder that is an integral part of the car. I highly recommend this for the looks and hopefully for the protection.



Roger S. Uehara "Torrance Trojan" 3/24/2013 - Torrance, CA

Great Fame: Looks great on my new Kia Soul and easy to install great product . I feel protected now when I park.



John Snuff "John" 3/20/2013 - Frederick, MD

amazing: I bought this for my Jeep Liberty it fits amazingand works even better couldn't have asked for a better product



Heriberto Cintron Jr. "cintron jr" 2/26/2013 - Chicago, IL

Great Product: Flexyframe was just what I wanted; protection for my front bumper without being noticeable. It was easy too install and so far so good.



Phyllis 2/18/2013

Good Protection: This is a small price to pay for front bumper protection when parking in tight spots. I feel much more comfortable parking my new car in NYC now that I have this product.



Margie 2/14/2013

Good frame: Haven't had a chance to test whether it actually prevents damage to the bumper, but like the look of this frame. I had to work with it a little to get the rubber things to push through the lower holes of the plate, but overall installation was easy.



Leel 2/10/2013

Awesome!: This is a must if you care about your care and live in a city. And the best part is it doesn't look hideous like some other products that are for sold. I'm sold!



Jonathan 1/17/2013

good: Good for my car. I live in an urban city and always have to parallel park. I can't even have a nice plate without worrying about someone backing into it. So I got this for my car and it's pretty great. nice product!



Quinn 1/12/2013

Excellent License Plate Frame!: The overall quality and design of this license plate frame are impressive. Protects plate and bumper from getting scratched in tight city parking spaces. Much lower profile than some other similar products out there.



Wally Baudin 12/12/2012

Great product and looks excellent: Works exactly as shown and very easy to install on my 2009 Toyota Corolla. The product works just as it is described.



John 11/19/2012

Great for my Volvo: I own a 2012 Volvo S60 and needed to protect my new car. Why do these Volvos have crappy license plate holders with these massive screw nuts? How is that for safety?? So I wanted to protect my car and myself, I did my due diligence and found flexyframe. It looks like a stock item that came with my car. Philip (customer service manager) was answered all my questions and even sent me 4 smaller nuts to replace my stock set !! Thanks Philip for your time and screws !!



philnext 9/6/2012

Flexyframe is the answer: I bought this for my brother who is car fanatic with OCD. Everything has to be and look perfect and clean. I knew that when he saw the flexyframe he would be very impressed with the protection it would provide..without losing the classy look of his car. Such a great gift for that guy that is so hard to shop for. I think it should come with every car you buy. Thank you Flexyframe.



GInaM 9/3/2012

Flexyframe saved me valuable time & money!!: I'm an extremely busy medical sales rep in a busy city where time is money! I recently had a minor fender bender with my company car that took me out of the field for hours!! Had I had the flexyframe on my company car I could have saved about 2 hours of valuable time with a client instead I was settling minor accident details that could have been avoided with the flexyframe on my car!! Every traveling salesperson needs the flexyframe!



CC 8/2/2012

Flexyframe Rocks!: Flexyframe is a life changer! I live in DC and park on the street the majority of the time. I recently got a new car and was very worried about damage to my car as well as others. However, as an interior designer I was equally concerned about aesthetics. I did not want to purchase any of the ""bumper protectors"" I had seen around the City as they looked obtrusive and unattractive. And then, after a bit of searching, I found the perfect solution...Flexyframe. The ""barely there"" protector was exactly what I had been seeking. The price was right as was the design. It arrived quickly and I was elated to see that it fit perfectly around my license plate--barely noticeable. Since owning Flexyframe I have been much more comfortable parking in the City--it allows me to fit comfortably in snug spots without worry. I recommend it to anyone looking for a sleek design that also protects--it's really the only way to go. Flexyframe should be the license plate standard of protection--it rocks.



Zoe Feldman 7/18/2012

HD Frames

Five Stars: Item works well and looks great.



superray 8/15/2014

Five Stars: Looks good on my 03 gti.



Edgar dela Torre 8/9/2014 - Clifton, NJ

Four Stars: Very goood product.



Bob Barkie 8/8/2014

Excellent service, good quality, fast shipping. Outstanding. Thank u A++++++++



Marwan Mahmoud 8/2/2014

Rubber frame cups: I have a new 2013 Hyundai Genesis Track coupe. I carefully installed my new plates into the frame. As I was snugging down the screws I notice that the frame was cupping. My car only could support two screws. Then I notice that the frame rubber pieces were being compressed and that it is when the cupping started. I have to leave the screws snug otherwise the frame would be too loose. I was hoping it would look really nice on my new car, but the cupped frame throws the look off. I guess the frame would fit better with vehicles with four mounting holes and not just two. For now I am leaving the frame installed. Time will tell...



Patrick Madigan 8/2/2014 - Hoffman Estates, IL, US

thick, good quality



Kurt 7/25/2014

Five Stars: Hard to put on especially if ur can doesn't need front plate



louise irbauch 7/16/2014

Five Stars: it works but, it don't cover the bumper.



craig wu 7/16/2014

College kid loves this!: I love this bumper guard. Not only it makes the front of my car look nice with this, but actually does the job. The street I live on is very complicated when it comes to parking. So many people tent to do little bumps with other cars when parking. This bumper guard saves my car from dents. Easy to install, and easy to wash!



John - The College Kid Reviews 7/9/2014 - New Jersey

If you believe in license plate frames this is a Great product, however I believe you need to use the O.E.M. license plate holder made for your make and model car, after market part will do. HD FlexyFrame is too heavy for most applications. Attach plate holder to bumper before attaching the frame.



Bird Man 7/5/2014

Nice low profile frame: I did have difficulty with the lower rubber plugs. They do not fit through lower plate holes and I didn't want to alter the plate so I cut off the plugs.



C. L. "sunhorse2001" 7/2/2014 - Northern CA,USA

Looks ok but not as good as original bracket: Shipping was prompt. Item was just as described!! I have an a4 2001 and it doesn't look too bad. I had to take off the original bracket. It looks a little out of olace but nothing too major.



bach nguyen 6/28/2014

Mazda 3 and no bumper syndrome: I miss the old bumpers of the last century. Now for some reason fancy cars like Audi, etc, have no bumpers at all and the other cars are following that style. This really adds a bit of protection, or at least peace of mind. And i like how it looks, not too thick at all.



brewster lewster 6/27/2014 - USA

Awesome license plate frame / front bumper protector. Unfortunately, the product did not come with longer mounting screws to accommodate the thickness of the plate, so I had to go to the hardware store to purchase screws of an adequate length. Even though, I still really like the product.



Edward Sutton 6/14/2014

As good as the claim: This finished off the bumper (had no bracket for the license plate), and looks great. I can see how it would save small bumper dents (thick construction). I'd recommend it to others.



Retired 5/23/2014

Awesome!!!!: I drive a C6 Corvette and there has been times when a driver has parked their car right on top of mine. I'm always worried that the license plate will be pushed into my front end and cause damage. The flexyframe gives an inch or so of rubber between you and any car that may get too close. A friend actually parked right against my front end, after I bought my FLexyFrame and I was glad I had it. Without the protection that the bumper guard affords me I would have had damage. The HD frame is mighty thick. I also own the LD version too. For most applications the LD version should be fine. I used the LD on the front of my vette and the HD on the rear where there was more of a recess. I'm very happy with these frames and would buy them again.



Frank J. Parisi 5/7/2014

Good quality: The Flexyframe is great. I only had one problem with it when fastening it to the front of my 2002 VW Beetle. The holes in my front bumper from the previous license plate bracket did not line up with the holes in the Flexyframe, so I had to drill new holes in the bumper. Not a big deal. It was a quick and easy drill-job and it looks pretty good.



voggie 4/9/2014

Save The Bumpers!: Brand-new 2014 Range Rover Sport, and this was the first accessory I added as soon as it was in my garage. Not too ugly, and it affords some peace-of-mind. Won't protect you completely from the most idiotic of car park attendants, but it might help mediate a crisis to boo-boo status.



William E. Hilson "rec dvr" 3/20/2014 - New Canaan, CT

Great for parking in the city: I wish I knew about this product sooner. It is heavy duty and does a great job of keeping other bumpers off of your own. I have this on the front of my car and park with less worry about my neighbors with terrible parking skill. I wish I could put one of these on my rear plate but I have a hatch mounted plate and it wouldn't protect the rear like it does the front of my car. This bumper guard is a bit heavy so I had to reinforce my bumper mount with another plate mount behind my plate but everything fits up nicely and is securely attached. I've been through a number of car washes and my plate doesn't get as clean as it used to because of the deep recess but everything stays intact.



J 3/18/2014

Perfect for NYC: I park on the streets of the Bronx and this is great. Especially for when people try to parallel park in a space twice their car size and still manage to hit the car in front and behind theirs.



J 3/4/2014

great: i bought 4 of those great great great must have I have it now of almost two months great quality



Mak 1/9/2014

flexy frame was delived on time and in good condition: purchased two frames one for the front of each vehicle, there only work on the cars whose license plates are attached to the bumper, so don't order for the back of your car if the plate is up above the bumper.



Jr. 12/29/2013 - Oklahoma

Beefy: I'm shocked at how beefy this thing is. It feels like I could rear end someone doing 40 and this frame would absorb all of it.



Adam Leggett 12/2/2013

Very satisfied: It saved me a significant amount of money from having to buy a custom frame from the dealer and it protects my bumper.



Amazon Customer 12/2/2013

Subtle protection for your front end: This is a heavyweight, sturdy, and durable plate frame/bumper guard. It's fairly subtle, so at a glance it doesn't look like you have a bumper guard on the front of your car. The frame attaches to the car with the same two screws that hold the top of your licence place in place. The only recommendation I would make is that if your car uses four screws to attach the plate to the bumper, take the time and cut out the bottom two attachment points so you can use those two screws to hold the frame in place at the bottom. This is a surprisingly heavy piece, so the more secure it is, the better.



Michael Serrone 11/22/2014

Perfect solution!: Great product, provides great front protection. Now I no longer have to worry about bumper damage from bad parallel parkers.



George Philipp 11/2/2013

As advertised: I'd say I ""like it"" and not ""love it"" but that's just because it isn't the type of product that excites me enough to think I'm loving it, but it deserves 5 stars. It seems to be well made and was easy to mount. If your front license plate if the furthest thing forward on your vehicle (as it is on mine) it will clearly allow you or someone backing into you to ""bump"" whatever without worry about bending the plate or cracking another type of frame, this should also avoid any damage to your car or whatever else was involved. I bought the HD but I think the regular one would probably work as well as long as it is a very slow speed ""exploratory"" type parking bump. If you're more worried about people backing into you the thicker HD might be worth it.



Chain of Command 10/30/2014 - Oahu, Hawaii

Effective: Easy to install, works like a charm! Protects bumper, great. Would recommend this thicker one. A rating. Would buy again.



Jiddle 10/29/2013 - Los Angeles, CA

Flexy frame: I bought a new car in March. With the. Way cars are made now, the hood slopes down for aerodynamics. I could not see how close I was to, for example, a wall. When I would park, my car was always sticking out too far because I hadn't gotten close to the wall. With the Flexy frame I can tap the wall without worrying, although I haven't yet! It will also protect me in the front if someone backs into my car. THEY BETTER NOT!



Djteach47 10/25/2013

Exceeded my Expectations: I put this on the front of my ML350 and it looks great and does the job. Not only will it protect my plate but will actually protect my front bumper from those annoying parking taps. One tip: This is comes as a 2 screw installation but make sure to cut out the two small stubs at the bottom for a 4 screw installation this way it wont rattle, It's designed for 2 or 4 screw. Installs in minutes. Then go to the hardware store and get Stainless Steel pan head screws and you're set. Don't complain they don't give you screws and even if they did, they most likely would not be stainless steel. I rubbed some rubber dressing on it and it actually looks great. I was worried it might be too bulky but it's not. I love it



Frank M. 10/17/2013 - Westchester, NY

Extra prrotection for front bumper: Looks great and provides extra sense of protection for front bumper from careless parkers. Thick spongy dense material and very easy to install.



ML 10/9/2013

I love this piece: It is definitely worth the money. I would highly recommend getting this if your car does not have a real bumper on it.



melvin dinkins 10/2/2013




Matthew Golian 6/24/2013

great front bumper: Thought the HD front bumper guard is very good. soft, flexible rubber. looks very protective but at the same time didn't obscure the actual license.



Bobbie Lee 4/12/2013 - DC

Protection against the novice parallel parker & sometimes you: My review is identical to V. Chi's review. No need to re-type the same points. The only difference is that I mounted the FlexyFrame HD to a 2013 Honda Pilot EX-L. The built-in screw caps hide the screws perfectly thus giving it a more finished look. I actually like how the FlexyFrame mounts on top of the factory license plate mount/bracket, but that's subjective. I feel protected against people that like to tap your bumper in order to parallel park. I also feel if I ever have an off day parallel parking and bump the person in front of me on accident no damage will occur to either vehicle. I submitted a picture above to give people a sense of the how it looks mounted on a factory license plate mount/bracket.



David C 3/15/2013 - Bronx, NY

Great idea and easy to install: Mounted this on 2013 CR-V. Unfortunately there is a factory mount bracket that I couldn't remove because those screws are not aligned with the license holes. So I put this flexyframe over the factory mount. Wish I could just use this rubber frame directly on the bumper. It should still absorb some impact hopefully. Still a good product and it was very easy to install.



V. Chi 3/2/2013