I really cant believe that something as good as this has never been invented before. I purchased this at a shop in Brooklyn, NY and it has saved my bumper (and whoever is in front of me) several times. Who would have thought I would be buying something like this a stocking stuffer for all the family. Solid product and great customer service!


Michael Owens

This is the best car accessory ever! I have a leased vehicle and park on the street. Flexyframe has protected my bumper from countless scratches and dents. I recommend this product to every car owner. It is so sleek compared to the other brands which make my car an eyesore.


Susana Masterson

WOW! I've fallen in love as soon as I installed it. FF gives my car the protection and finishing touch it was missing.


Mario Gecevi

This product is great for the everyday parking waltz of any big city. Also, if commute through high traffic areas it will protect your front bumper from those annoying fender benders at low speeds. Mine has already paid for itself! They should make it a law to own one of these.


john draz

I park in Flushing where people cant drive for some reason. I actually saw it in action 2 minutes after I parked where some woman just backed straight into me while I was standing there putting money in the munimeter!! Not a scratch or a dent.. Even better, you cant even notice it on your car! Im getting one for every car. Thanks!!


William Chan

Finally a product that doesn't look crazy on my car. I did my research and checked out these two other products and they looked silly. All I wanted was to protect the front of my car. I agree, this should be a law to have one on your car.


Josh Hasselberg

FlexyFrame is exactly what my car needed. Thanks to this nifty little invention my car isnt subjected to unnecessary damage due by bad driving. This is going to be my stocking stuffer for this Christmas!


Tom Randolph

FlexyFrame is a quality product at a great price. It looks great on my husbands vehicle and protects our vehicles expensive bumper at a reasonable price. Wish we had this product before a damaged bumper. Thank you FlexyFrame for your quality product


Raymond Scally

I just wanted to say thanks again for calling me back and taking the time to talk to me. I greatly appreciate you listening to me and taking a suggestion. I look forward to receiving the product for me (my mdx and accord) and my boss (lexus es350). My order number is 1675. If you can see if the shipping costs can be lowered since I am in Boston, MA. Finally, thanks again for your time and I am spreading the word about Flexyframe to my friends. I know I'm not the only one to think about getting your product!


Allan Toy

Your customer service is the best. Your product is also wonderful, easy to install and provides a lot of protection. It also looks great and is reasonably priced.


Susan Turturo

I cannot be happier with my FlexyFrame, I park everywhere now with no fear!


Paul Molina