Looks good Too: This really works, already had it save my bumper from a "park by feel" driver who was not even aware that she backed up into my car. No damage.

Joe G.

Westbury, NY

Great Fame: Looks great on my new Kia Soul and easy to install great product . I feel protected now when I park.

John Snuff


Great quality. Soft rubber which flexes easily. Fully encapsulates the license plate and eliminates risk of plate scratching against the car. I used mine as a rear license plate holder with no problems.



Seems to help prevent damage just fine: Not as ugly as the thicker version and does not hide or cover the license plate which remains fully visible. Seems to help prevent damage just fine.



amazing: I bought this for my Jeep Liberty it fits amazingand works even better couldn't have asked for a better product

Heriberto Cintron

Chicago, IL

It Works: I'm not crazy about the looks of it installed; but it solved the problem. Going through the carwash no longer bends the license plate to kingdom come :).

J. Blankenship


Good Protection: This is a small price to pay for front bumper protection when parking in tight spots. I feel much more comfortable parking my new car in NYC now that I have this product.



Great Product: Flexyframe was just what I wanted; protection for my front bumper without being noticeable. It was easy too install and so far so good.



As described A++: Works well and conforms to the shape of the bumper by slightly bending the license plate.

Mike "YorkMainer"

York, ME

These should be standard from the factory IMO: Great protection from such a simple idea. The insurance companies should hassle the car makers in to installing these from the factory IMO. I will be installing this kind of frame on all my cars from now on.

R. Huntington

Oregon, USA

Fits great! Molds around the bumper: It molds around the bumper like its part of the bumper plus it's a buffer incase you bump into something instead of your bumper hitting it!

Elton kleist


liked it: it was nice deal and liked it. good buy and will surely make another transactions. product matched the description the way it was mentioned in the site.